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We Might Be Writers

We Might Be Writers began one evening in late August of 2013. From a larger group of people who met in a Writer's Group at college, six young writers came together to start this blog, with the primary intention of imparting all that they had learned during their time writing, and encouraging other aspiring writers to harness the same passion that they all feel when they write.

Our six members, led by Christy, the founder of the original Writer's Group at college - have a cumulative 70 (give or take) years of experience writing. Our tastes are varied and diverse, our styles and opinions likewise. What this blog offers you, in addition to a wealth of writing resources, reviews, interviews and guest posts, are six very unique ways of looking at the world of writing.

We know as well as anyone that the advice which works for one person does not necessarily work for another. So be sure to check out the posts of all our members, because then you will hopefully find at least a few things that will help you leave here feeling a little more confident in your own writing abilities.

In contributing to this blog we hope to improve our readers' writing abilities, as well as each other's and our own.

Below is the full list of the members and contributors of We Might Be Writers.
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Short-ish uni kid who spends equal amounts of time in book-world, dream-world and reality. Amateur artist and writer, avid raider of libraries. Has a bizarre music taste consisting of a cocktail of classical and heavy rock, shaken with trance and topped with bubble-gum pop. Obsessed with modern classics and dystopian literature, ambitious to write someone's favourite book. Score of 283 in Laser Quest ;P
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Carter is 19 and just about to embark on her journey through university where she will study film. She's a bit of a dark horse and reasonably quiet until the Starks of Winterfell and the Girl on Fire crop up into conversation. She's also proud to be a bit weird and very geeky! She's a writer by nature and a reader by desire. She's also patient and is still waiting for Errol to deliver her letter from Hogwarts.

Ollie is just beginning his first year at university, studying English. He is an avid writer and critic of others' works, who strives to produce prose that others will remember as being different and unique. He has yet to publish his first novel, but has no intention of resting until long after that milestone is reached. He also likes talkative cats, playing the piano, and producing videos on a YouTube gaming channel he runs with his brother.
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Joel is a student in the second year of his A-levels, studying History, Classical Civilizations and Philosophy; so many are astonished when they find that he is a writer who doesn't study English. He enjoys writing (obviously), playing video games and procrastination. He'll finish this introduction tomorrow.

Reece Bridger is a young, self-published author from the south of England. His brittle and thin appearance belies the true power that stews in the darkest recesses of his mind and the evil that lives inside his heart... He also loves to read fantasy, horror, and punk genre books! His book is entitled 'The Perfect Mortals', and can be found in paperback and Kindle on Amazon!

Samantha has just finished college studying IT and Legal Studies. She is currently juggling the demanding life of Marks and Spencers (other supermarkets are available), volunteering at a children's charity and try to write as much as possible. The aim for her is to write enough to have a collection of short stories and poems that she is proud of. She also like dancing around the house, spending time with family and generally just having a giggle.