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Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Well, Hi There!

Hello everyone! You've probably guessed what this blog is about, so welcome along! This is for all writers out there of any genre, style and calibre. Our aim is to provide a wealth of indispensable writing resources featuring tonnes of writing advice, interviews with authors, guest posts, ideas and playlists for inspiration, book/film reviews, examples of our work and much more...
We write and manage everything here ourselves. As we're still getting to grips with it all, please bear with us and prepare for occasional hiccups now and then. 

So who are we? We're a small group of word-doodlers who met in a writer's group in college. As time went on and we got to know each other better, we had the idea to unite and form this blog. Make sure you stalk check out our 'About' page if you want more detailed bios about us lot.

Christy: A hazy glazomaniac trying to have a social life and write a library whilst avoiding sunlight. Elected leader of this blog for some reason.

Reece: Self-published author and Aspie with a love of all things fantasy, an obsession with sushi and corvid birds, and a physically weak appearance that belies his inner darkness and evil.

Carter: 18, the dark horse who keeps to the shadows until it comes to such things as the Starks of Winterfell and the Girl on Fire :D Also notoriously bad with technology...

Ollie: 18, a passionate and experienced prose writer/pianist with a curious affinity with cats and far too much on the 'To Do' list.

Joel:  Probably spends too much sleeping, writing and gaming compared to productive things. Either looks pretentious or creepy in photos. Likes Sci-Fi, history, and short sentence fragments.

Sam: 18, short left-handed individual with a big heart who clearly likes taking photographs in her very white bathroom.


Vicky: Horse obsessed girl who reads and writes to escape the terrors of the real world.

But enough about us! We're very glad to have you readers on board - we need you for your requests, suggestions, feedback and opinions, so please comment and get involved.

We're going to improve our writing together. Sound good? Good!

Shall we begin?

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